The Opportunity

This property presents a fantastic opportunity.  Given its location in the heart of the rural North Brazil countryside with its natural unspoiled rivers and beaches, it can be used as a holiday retreat or an Eco holiday let.

Some ideas would be to build a modern villa overlooking the valley


Or to build a development of double storey apartments

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The land could also have discreet eco cabins


Traditionally an agricultural region, in recent years the area has seen a tremendous increase in local industry including pharmaceuticals, factories, mining, shipping and automotive (click here for an industry profile of the local region) . The property is located very close to the new automobile factory and service industries that are being constructed in the area.



The following satellite image clearly shows the location of the new FIAT factory to the property – the FIAT factory is represented as a yellow square and the white circle is the location of the property.


Why does this represent an opportunity?  Because these emerging industries are year-by-year driving up local GDP (click here for source) . The FIAT factory and related industry represents a major multi-billion dollar investment that aims to create the best in class car factory in the world (see here) . Production starts Q2 2015(see here) . This industry is producing astonishing growth in the region which is out-performing the national average (click here to view source) . In the next 5 years there is projected to be better than average growth in the region where industries and investment will increase regional GDP by 50% and where 2 million more people will settle in the region (click here for source). All of this, of course, is driving up incomes, standards of living and need for housing and land. Already there have been historic increases in real estate prices in the region as people and industires are looking for land for business and housing (see here) . There are countless real estate projects being built in the area such as Goiana Beach Life Imobi (click here) , an exclusive development being built a few minutes the property.

Whether this is a property you would wish to enjoy as a family vacation retreat, whether you will want to rent it out as an Eco holiday let or as a real estate development opportunity, this property represents a fabulous short to mid-term investment.













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